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Our Members

Members of CHOO|COPO are groups and individuals in the City of Ottawa who pursue a wide range of heritage objectives through their work with museums, archives, heritage buildings, cultural landscapes, local history, ethnic and cultural activities, archaeology, genealogy, cemeteries and collections.

Member Benefits

  • FREE member profile with gallery, website link and map location on the CHOO|COPO website
  • FREE submissions and online links for your heritage events, exhibits and activities via our Heritage Happenings e-newsletter and online calendar of events
  • FREE exhibition table at CHOO|COPO’s two annual events: Heritage Day & Bytown Days /Colonel By Day
  • Opportunities for your staff and volunteers to participate in CHOO|COPO workshops and training sessions
  • Hosting, guidance and support for digital heritage projects on a refurbished
  • Online and print resources
  • One-on-one guidance and referrals
  • Invitations to attend the Annual General Meeting, Gathering of Council
  • Opportunity to sit on the CHOO|COPO Board of Directors
  • United voice and strategies for Ottawa’s Heritage community

Become a Member

CHOO|COPO offers memberships to organizations and individuals who are interested and invested in the heritage and cultural sectors.  All individuals and groups are screened for appropriate fit with our membership’s code of conduct.

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